Strategic Corporate Consultation

To maximize enterprise and shareholder value, these services aim to provide advices and competition-sensitive strategies on the best form of ownership, equity and funding structure, which is both, compliant in legal terms, expeditious in regulatory compliance and flexible in practical operation. Services in this sphere include planning, consultation, strategy formulation, documentation of agreements, contracts, Memorandum and Articles of Association and other related documentation and carrying out regulatory formalities in respect of:

Incorporation of public and private limited companies under the Company Law.
Partnership and Joint ventures.
Mutual Funds and Modarbas.
Secretarial and Corporate Compliance Reporting Services.
Public Floatation Services for Shares and other Securities.
Share Registrar Services.
Corporate Governance Enablement.
Liquidation proceedings.
Advisory Services and Support to “Not for Profit Organizations.

Advisory Services and Support to “Not for Profit Organizations