With the emergence of new techniques and technology the business trends are continue to change every day. Businessmen have to face a new challenge while taking a decision to grow his business that is Mukhtar consulting has adopted a unique approach to serve our client as business advisor.

Our Services

We have industry wide experience. Growth in our relevant experience continue to increase with the increase in our clientele from different industries. We have successfully provided services to our clients in different areas under business advisory. These are listed below: –

Foreign Investment, consultation and facilitation.
Acquiring existing or additional equity in domestic corporate enterprises Pakistan.
Setting-up a wholly or partially owned subsidiary or an affiliate in Pakistan.
Establishment of a branch office of an off-shore entity.
Creating business presence by setting no dash up a Liaison Office or a Representative Office in Pakistan.
Choosing the most preferred and tax-effective corporate vehicle.
Determining the right balance in debt equity combination to finance the entity at the lowest possible cost.
Awareness on fiduciary role fiduciary duty of directors and obligations of CEOs in corporate management.
Awareness of foreign exchange regime on flow of capital.
Issue of capital and allotment of share.
Repatriation of capital, dividend and capital gains and their tax consequences.
Obtaining regulatory permission from investment Board, state Bank of Pakistan and other relevant regulatory bodies.
Financial Litigation and Despite Resolution Support.
Contract Consulting Services.
Business Plans.