Accounting & Bookkeeping services by Mukhtar consulting, includes complete accounting facility for recording and accounting in compliance with the local and legal requirement. It is made from records provided by the client to produce a fully compliant set of financial books and records.

Bookkeeping Services

Our bookkeeping services are suitable for business of all industries and small and medium enterprises for onshore bookkeeping and offshore bookkeeping. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly services based on requirements / needs by our clients.
Outsourced bookkeeping includes: We are using team of experts, to provide bookkeeping service as in Pakistan and also the latest international rules of accounting in financial reporting. We used our in-house developed web based bookkeeping software for providing onshore bookkeeping services and offshore Bookkeeping services.
Onshore Bookkeeping
We deploy the team of bookkeepers to the client premises or client is asked to deliver data to our local office for bookkeeping services.

Offshore Bookkeeping

Our outsourced bookkeeping is a popular choice among our clients. Simply fax, scan, or mail your invoices, deposit slips and bills to us. We’ll enter your transactions, reconcile your accounts and set your bills up for payment.

Why to Choose Mukhtar consulting, Chartered Accountants
Providing quality services & delivery on time are the most important pillars of Mukhtar consulting, Chartered Accountants.

Our team especially dedicated for the services:
Supervisor / Job in charge
Senior staff
Junior staff

Online access:We provide online access to financial report to client so that they can cross monitor the data entry process.

We can also provide approval optional at all data entry on customer required.

Accounting Reports:

Trial Balance as on and periodic.
Selective Trail Balance Reports as on and periodic.
Ledger reports periodic.
Profit & Loss report as on date.
Balance sheet as on date.